Saturday, September 25, 2010

On being in your 40s
Taki’s Gavin McInnes:
In my late 20s, I asked a cab driver what it was like to be 40 because that’s what he was. “It’s real mellow, buddy” he responded in his funny accent, “You don’t vorry so much.” As an angry young man, I had a lot of trouble understanding how you could not care what people think. “What if someone came up to your window right now and called you an ass?” I asked. “I vould say, ‘Oh my’” he said, “then vind up the vindow and drive off.” Before I could question his manhood, he added, “Now, if it vas ten or twenty years ago I vould get out of this cab and say, ‘vat did you say, moderfocker?’ and stuff like these — but now. Nothing. It’s not vorth it.” I finally get what he was talking about. Sticks and stones still break your bones when you’re 40 but unless it’s a peer giving constructive criticism, you honestly don’t give a tenth of a pube what people think.

Which brings me to another point. You become a lot less critical of other people’s work when you’ve actually done some of your own. Hey, “Friends” was on for 10 years. I never got a show on the air. Courteney Cox did all right. O.A.R. sound queer to me but they sell 80,000 tickets a night and I can’t even play the guitar. Good for them. Not to get all Baz Luhrman on you, but: The more you accomplish, the less you trivialize other’s accomplishments.

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