Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Thomas Day factor, or why the RC liberals don’t just trade places with ordinariate-bound Anglicans
Saved from the comboxes

Because 1) the persecuted Irish couldn’t do high churchmanship (big services with lots of ceremonial and music in nice buildings — the Anglicans stole their buildings and they were hiding out having Mass in houses and on rocks in the countryside, and school in the hedges and barns) and brought that minimalist, unliturgical, devotional (rosary, novenas, and hymns not chant) approach to church to America and Britain, 2) Jansenism, a heresy that saw beautiful things like art and music (and incidentally sex, hence all the bad jokes about Irish Catholic guilt) as suspect, 3) Irish hatred of things they saw as English (when in Ireland they saw a Gothic church and heard an organ playing and a choir singing it was a church of the hated English or at least a state-favoured Protestant church), which means high churchmanship and the kind of English in the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer (so they went reverse-snobbish in the 1960s and chose ICEL ugly, inaccurate English instead), 4) Modernism, or being heretical, anti-Catholic RCs, and 5) the cinema, radio and television killed off Sunday-night religion (public recitation of the office in church) just about everywhere — 75 years ago Sunday Vespers was not only the norm in RC parishes but required (as indeed on the books it still was in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia until only a few years ago).

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