Thursday, September 23, 2010

What’s to blame for liturgical wreckovation?
Writing about the upcoming ordinariates, Michael LaRue says:
My father was one who, for instance, was unable to forgive the Catholic Church or the Pope because he perceived that all the liturgical chaos in Roman Catholicism in the 1960s and later had invaded and destroyed his own beloved Episcopal Church.
Seen one way that was true. It was the proximate cause. 1979 copied the Novus Ordo. As Charley complains, the people who come back from Cursillo want to junk the hymnal and have guitars.

But if you study it even informally you see what really happened. The high-churchification Mr LaRue’s father remembered and assumed was normative only dated from about the late 1800s for Anglo-Catholics and from the 1930s to the 1960s for other Episcopalians. Fairly easily knocked down. And even so, its leavings are often more conservative than at St Novus but that’s slowly changing as the Episcopalians’ liturgy catches up with their changing doctrine and Pope Benedict very slowly makes RCs Catholic again.

Historically next to nobody, from Pius IX to the legitimate liturgical movement, thought the ordinary practice of Western Catholicism could just stop on command.

That said, there’s something to be said for Orthodoxy where no central high command (so no Bugnini can hijack it) and a natural grassroots traditionalism from the parish up mean a Vatican II will never happen. (Even New Skete looks liturgical-movement conservative compared to wreckovation, and it’s marginal in Orthodoxy.)

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