Monday, October 25, 2010

Another cartoon
AS A NON-ECONOMIST, it seems to me that the socialist dream is only feudalism enlarged: instead of a small class of rich nobles exploiting the labour and lives of a large class of vassals and petty nobles, they want to make a huge number of nobles somehow enjoy the high life on the backs of the ever-more taxed middle class and profit-generating rich.

No matter if it doesn’t work: the current Western governments will just keep heaping debt onto the future, and upping taxes until it’s 100% of all income. The current actual taxrate in Canada is in the 75%+ of gross income.. just add ALL the taxes everywhere in the system, including tax on tax, and tax on reselling, employment tax, gas-tax, goods & services tax.

The Boston Tea Party was over a 2% tax-hike; the ‘exorbitant taxes’ of the Romans were 10%. The entire system is based on growing the tax-rate, and on taxing both working parents, so nobody can afford to live on one income– and that’s besides the income-tax marriage penalties.

Victorians To The Rescue
Indeed, that great & merciful invention of the Victorian era – part of capitalism’s answer to child & family labour and dark satanic mills – was to pay a man enough for one family to live & grow moderately. Kids get to grow up & get educated, and wives get to homemake and raise kids and volunteer and create the future.

The feminist demolition squad still view this as horrible, regressive, discriminatory – even while women have become unwitting tax-cows in the ever-bloating growth of the state. As the breadwinner safety-measure has been removed, everybody gets to be taxed at 75%. Congratulations. Families suffer, kids suffer (or are aborted or never born), society is undermined, and– using our own sweat & wages against us – government intrudes ever more into our lives & wallets.

We tried living on one income– it’s called get another credit card. It’s called no spare money for emergencies. It’s called not much left after taxes for RRSPs, child education funds, or charity.

Hurray! We Broke It!
Feminists may have naively thought this a victory – by becoming mannish & greedy & powerhungry & independent – but the impossible costs of the nanny-state social safety-net and all-powerful gov are even now collapsing in Europe, and North America, although we’re only seeing the first wave, and the denial that our global village has a tsunami-wave of foreclosures & good debt & bad debt and impossible promises poised over it. France on strike? A splash in the puddle.

Too many of those offshore baby-replacements we took on from the ’70s onwards are not serious wage-makers, tax-payers, or society-builders. Especially latterly, they do the joe-jobs that spoilt EUers won’t do – and you don’t build economies via low-wages & high-benefits.

Living wage? If all you America-haters out there get your – and Obama’s – wish that the U.S. be humbled and economically crippled, see what happens when the economic engine of the modern world chokes out, and there’s nobody there to buy stuff, make stuff, invent stuff, or rescue other nations & situations worldwide.

Cheer up! It’s going to get
much worse.
From Free Mark Steyn.

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