Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Stephen Hand
  • Video: The President does not choose the war-machine mindset; that mindset chooses the people who become President.
  • Bono’s bad ideas. He epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Clinton/Blair style liberalism: an intense desire to appear to care about the world, matched only by a complete unwillingness to stand up to any of the corporate or militarist complexes that stand in the way of progress. On the issue that should stand as a minimal test of conviction — opposing the Iraq war (an issue on which most of the left at least talk the talk) — Bono failed.
  • The “gay” agenda, which the media wildly obsesses on despite the radical disproportion to ordinary families and persons everywhere, is pure distraction, and it is demobilizing relative to antiwar and other major concerns. I see it as pure disinformation aimed at keeping TV addicts lost in hyperreality so that what really matters is lost in a flood of propaganda. What is of consequence, though, is the fact that homosexual ideology is pushed on our young people in schools.
  • Beyond Political Left and Right. The Left only has to be told to never mind deeds, but to rather look at what President Obama “really” “wants” relative to our foreign wars, and they are duly distracted, lost in illusory, weepy sentiment. (They’re prejudiced: they just assume a black face is for peace.) Meanwhile the Right is largely concerned with “victory” and “America’s greatness,” as well as facilitating the unfettered march of the multinationals across the globe, as if this was “letting freedom ring”. It’s all very sad. We should be concerned with deeds (not mere words) and justice, as we seek to return the nation to decency and peace. If the Right is burdened by a tragic case of jingoism, the Left, while no less war-some, has been plagued by an embarrassing desire to constantly appear hip, the Lenny Bruce syndrome.
  • Peter Hitchens: Is university really such a good thing? I spent three years learning to be a Trot... I think this debauching of the minds and bodies of the young is more or less deliberate. The horrible liberal Woodrow Wilson, who eventually became President of the United States, was originally an academic who once blurted out the truth as seen by many such people. He said in a rare moment of candour: ‘Our aim is to turn out young men as unlike their fathers as possible.’
  • ‘House’ episode: I caught this rare pro-life mainstream-TV moment (hmm) as well, re-enacting the famous photo of the baby’s hand and with Jennifer Grey as another Gianna Molla. I like ‘House’ and recently saw some ’80s Fry (just another anti-Catholic snob but talented) and Laurie, and am amazed this actor, very English-looking as a young man, can disguise himself so well.

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