Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Steve Sailer
  • Art about the ’40s. Stan Vosburg: Norman Rockwell with warbirds.
  • Can HBD trump PC?
  • HBD’s fine; it explains many outcomes. It’s not racist if you don’t rewrite the law to force those outcomes — individual liberty trumps factors etc. — and two words, ‘on average’.
  • I don’t blog to bash Muslims — they’re not the real problem. That said: So, in Europe, where there are many millions of Muslims, they must be much more popular than they are here in America. Right, Mr. Wright? My general impression from comparing areas that are home to Muslims and non-Muslims is that Islam seems to contribute to a chip on the shoulder attitude on the Muslim side. Armenians are pretty friendly, but Chechens, well, I’m glad a lot of Chechens haven’t started moving into my neighborhood ... yet. Western tourists prefer Bali, the Hindu island in Indonesia to the many Muslim islands. Are there other examples of this tendency?
  • How Joan Jett reinvented herself. More psychologising about Obama. I don’t care about his daddy issues or what country he’s from (even though it’s the law; BTW the birthers are wrong) as long as he sticks to the Constitution, which he won’t.
  • Fighting fire with quotas. Injustice and a safety hazard disguised as justice.

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