Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams
His feelings are understandable but irrational (but not crazy), like New Yorkers wanting to flatten Riyadh or Mecca on 9/11 (blaming Muslims not our foreign policy). Muslim-looking people on planes as terrorists would be like the CPUSA in the Cold War, too obvious for the other side to use. (You give Gus Hall medals and pat him on the head but do your real work by hiding agents among the right.) If the terrorists were smart they’d try to recruit neutral-looking and sounding people for that. That said, he’s being a man about it — ‘I said what I meant to say’ — while the woman in charge of NPR slipped and called him crazy (fittingly Soviet of her) but to her credit she apologised. NPR’s base: whites of a certain class who show off being nice to Muslims to be better than the proles.

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