Thursday, October 21, 2010

None of Dr Williams’ business
Fr Crosbie’s right. Unless, as is very unlikely, Dr W wants to give the ordinariate some redundant churches that aren’t money sinks.
Aimed at Anglicans who were uncomfortable with the ordination of women and gay clergy.
‘So they want to join those meanies who hate women and would have pushed Tyler Clementi off that bridge.’ (In three decades of consciously doing religion I’ve never met anyone speaking for Catholicism who would.) No. It’s for Anglicans who no longer believe in Anglicanism, a fallible denomination whose essentials are up for votes (‘where the Church of England was going’), and want to be in the church by more than their baptisms. I’m all for gay clergy — who teach what the magisterium does on the matter.

A good answer if Dr W really is trying to help run the Roman Catholic Church:
Did the Anglicans bother to “consult” Rome or the Orthodox about attempting to ordain women as priests and bishops?
Of course not. It’s none of their business as the ordinariate is none of his.

Fr C again:
I would not be in the least surprised if the ABC has set up a group with his liberal RC chums to work against the Ordinariate. It is completely in character.
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