Thursday, October 21, 2010

On disc: ‘Paradise Postponed’
Or ‘England’s Depressing’ but the show, made about 25 years ago, is educational (if you filter John Mortimer’s lefty bias) and entertaining in a soap-opera way, a very long miniseries peopled with English types (here are just a few), from the endearing old socialist rector from a rich capitalist family, doing orthodox middle-of-the-road services he doesn’t really believe in (seems the left and right agree the C of E’s essentially a well-meaning dodderer), to the neoconnish/Thatcherite social-climbing politician (who though cartoonish isn’t all bad), to the young upper-class twits slumming at a hippie fest put on by the pol, who doesn’t partake in the silliness, to the smoothie toff who gets great lines when he turns conservative in religion and politics as he gets older, to the rector’s sweet wife who zings his successor’s wife’s PCness (‘Our group, Women Against Rape.’ ‘Are there women in favour of it?’). Nitpick: if you’re setting scenes in the ’50s/‘good ’60s’ make an effort and cut and/or at least slick back the actors’ ’80s helmet hair.

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