Friday, October 22, 2010

Todd and Helen, the conservative/libertarian soap opera
I’ve met neither but she used to read and link here. Neither’s bad-looking (he looks like retired military and in this now-infamous clip has ’50s style; she’s got appeal I’m sure her intelligence boosts). I feel his pain. He seems to have embarrassed himself by going off-topic at a panel discussion on a book to complain about her (and writing long blog posts about her, a mistake some smart people make — not cool), saying she did at least one awful thing related to some weird ideas (some philosophies forming a kind of conservatism sliding into barbaric paganism where sadism is cool, which I see in some of the nastier sites I read; she used to write for Taki where it’s not the main thing but it’s there) he says she has. I have no idea if it’s true. To be fair to him, the wound was still raw. According to his blog, which he’s now restricted, they broke up three days before they found out they were to be on the panel together. He’s only human.

Sounds trite but prayers and good wishes for healing and peace.

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