Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White guilt
I was guilty of “democratic racism” – by which we apply ostensibly race-neutral principles such as “due process,” constantly demanding clear “evidence” of wrongdoing, rather than confronting prima-facie instances of racism head-on. “It seems we’re always looking for more proof,” said the instructor, an energetic left-wing activist who’s been teaching this course for several years. “When it comes to racism, you have to trust your gut.”
That’s it; throw civilisation out the window and run on emotion; barbarism. Some of these swipple caricatures deserve dhimmitude.
All of the students were white (to my eyes, anyway).
Class war trying to lord it over other whites including trying to one-up each other (holier than thou). Christian culture minus the Christian faith equals this self-righteous silliness.

From LRC.

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