Sunday, November 28, 2010

The faith: objective reality
From Fr Sutter
The idea that needs desperately to be conveyed to all of today’s Christians ... is actually a simple one. To get there, let’s recall a few basics:
  • Catholic means “according to the whole.”
  • Orthodox means “right teaching” and “right worship.” That’s right, both, not or.
  • The opposite of Catholic is heretic, which means “I choose.”
  • The opposite of orthodox is heterodox, which means “different teaching” and “different worship.”
In other words, the concept we use with children to prepare them for confirmation comes into play: objective reality. Objective reality are just a couple of big words we simply explain as meaning “real thing.” The sacraments have objective reality = the sacraments are real things. Likewise, truth has an objective reality = truth is a real thing. To quote one of my brilliant daughters: “some things are just true, whether you think they are or not.” The truth is a reality. Reality doesn’t need my agreement in order for it to exist; likewise, truth doesn’t need anyone’s agreement in order for it to be true.

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