Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From The Bovina Bloviator
  • Boycott GE and Johnson & Johnson? This is all to the good. Corporate welfare, whatever its form, is more damaging to the national fisc than that for individuals (it is telling the most heinous villains in Ayn Rand’s novels are rent-seeking corporate chieftains). It is high time captains of industry, the putative champions of free markets, are called out for sticking their hypocritical snouts in the public trough. An additional benefit in calling for corporate boycotts is it further flummoxes the left which, in its unceasing creation of cardboard-cutout villains in order to tear them down, has yet to get a full grasp on Tea Party libertarianism.
  • He gets it about the Pope and condoms. This does not seem to me the big deal the media will surely make it out to be. Since I am reasonably certain male (as well as female) prostitution falls outside Church teachings and since I am also reasonably certain prostitutes generally do not look to the Holy Father or the Holy Catholic Church for moral guidance, the undoubted clamorous reaction to this statement of the Pope by media and birth-control advocates will be wildly out of proportion to its significance. It seem to me all the Holy Father is saying is: “Don’t compound your already egregious sin by passing along disease to someone else as you commit it.” If liberals somehow construe that to mean the Church’s eventually blessing of the use of condoms by Catholics, they are bound to be disappointed.

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