Sunday, November 07, 2010

From Independent Country
  • What if part of Africa decided to literally follow something like the US Constitution?
    Within a year of the adoption of a U.S.-style Constitution, Africania would be branded a “failed state” and its President, thoroughly committed to the liberal values of Western civilization, would be branded as a Saddam Hussein. Calls would be made for an invasion and overthrow that would give the Africania a more “democratic” Constitution with “social rights” that guarantees a large and ever-present government beholden to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

    This would be done because, if left alone, within two to three years foreign investment in Africania would skyrocket since it would be the most business-friendly environment in the world.

    And when the invasion is accomplished, progressive and neoconservative pundits on the PBS
    Newshour would look back on Africa’s George Washington and say, “Sure, the Constitution he had was good, but he made the mistake of following it literally.”

    In their eyes, belief in the rule of law makes you a barbarian.
  • Is the Constitution divinely inspired?
    Progressive: Of course not, silly: there is no God!

    Liberal: Of course not, because it was mostly written by slave-owners.

    Conservative: No. It was the product of wise but imperfect men.

    Anarchist: Are you serious?

    Libertarian: Actually respecting the limits the Constitution places on power would be a good thing, but there was no reason to create it and the Articles of Confederation was better.

    Neoconservative: Of course not: it doesn’t mention anything about support for Israel.

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