Saturday, November 20, 2010

From LRC
  • Ron Paul on the TSA. Glad I’m a small-town newspaperman who doesn’t fly.
  • The NYT sees the RC Church as a threat but not the TSA. Or state-school teachers, who have a worse track record on molesting kids. (Think about it: priests don’t deal mostly with kids; teachers do.) Surprised? Me neither. BTW when will they give back that Pulitzer for lying about Stalin killing people in the Ukraine? ‘Never forget.’ Sure.
  • “German authorities said Friday that a laptop case carrying bomb components found at a Namibian airport was an American-made device designed to test airport security.” Makes you wonder about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab... and all the others.
  • Here’s my tip: Now that it appears that 1) It is possible for airports to fire the TSA, and 2) at least 90% of the public thinks the TSA is an outrage that should be abolished, kick the TSA goons out of your airport immediately and hire a private security firm. Let the airlines take care of their own security. No one has a greater incentive to excel at that endeavor. As F.A. Hayek said, private-sector competition is a “dynamic discovery process.” The airlines and private security firms will compete to discover better and better ways to make air travel secure without turning all their employees into porn addicts and sexual assailants. If the TSA has proved anything, it has proven once again that the process of government, in contrast to private-sector competition, is a dynamic stultefication process. Of course, this advice will become moot if the U.S. government gives up on its crusade to invade and occupy the entire Middle East (and much of the rest of the planet), the effects of which have been to create endless enemies — and endless profits for the military/industrial/congressional complex.
  • Being clever, the communist leadership simply created out of whole cloth a “democratic opposition” of “former” commies who could actually support the regime by challenging it. Like our two-party system. The statists’ proposal to “privatize” the TSA’s “gate rapes” to federally approved Blackwater-type security firms, cutting out the unions and enriching Republican party donors in the process. And your next airport security screener, whose salary is now three times the salary of the old TSA screener, may well have had a few tours at Abu Ghraib under his belt. Enjoy your opt-out!

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