Thursday, November 25, 2010

From T1:9
  • A repeat of the Great Depression?
  • Siblings share genes but rarely personalities.
  • The silly old C of E: you can personally teach against the Trinity and as a denomination put anything, such as the matter and form of the sacraments, up for a vote but never diss the royals. Because its reason to exist has always been: nobody can tell the royals who they can’t sleep with (as long as they don’t marry Catholics).

    I watched Brian Williams interview the Prince of Wales last week. Almost met Prince Charles and his wife once; if they’d turned the other way I would have. Beliefs in traditional architecture, a natural order and harmony, and good stewardship of God’s creation. The means he wants may be fashionably leftist but I like him. (The producers tried to manufacture a conflict between his innocuous PCness – will he have to give it up as king? – and the establishment.) After being a dork most of his life, now he looks distinguished.

    Sure, I’m happy for the young royal couple and don’t give it a second thought.

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