Friday, November 12, 2010

I don’t hate the military in principle but...
LRC contributor Don Cooper, a veteran:
I always laughed at how the military advertises that it wants only the best and the brightest recruits but then the first thing they do to you in basic training is try and break you down and reshape you into a mindless obeyer. Why do they need the best and the brightest for that? If they’re going to reshape who you are then it doesn’t matter if you’re the best and the brightest or the worst and the dumbest.

And it’s true. I served with guys who could barely read or write. Guys with criminal records at 20 years old. Immoral? You have no idea. Anything and everything went: drugs, stealing, sex, lying, scapegoating. Hell, half the base got busted for drugs down there
[in Panama in the late ’80s].

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