Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It turns out that Afghan resistance soldiers do not know the propaganda excuse for the US invading their country...
...and occupying it with 250,000 troops and mercenaries. I first heard about this unbelievable outrage on Morning Jingo, where the assembled chickenhawks were outraged that the Afghans did not seem to be reading the NY Times. Those poor, benighted foreigners do not know that the US is Free and Good—Lockheed and Boeing too—and that anyone tortured or killed deserves it. Those primitive, ignorant Afghans think the US is just another imperial overlord, interested in pipelines and domination, and they do not want it running their lives. Why, those backward Muslims probably wouldn’t submit to the enhanced pat-down either, though it would be interesting to see the TSA try it.
From LRC.

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