Thursday, November 11, 2010

LRC’s Laurence Vance on Veterans Day
I had a few people today try to play the Ron Paul card with me regarding the military... because Dr. Paul favors having a strong national defense, believes in taking care of our military, and has received the support of veterans.

Of course he favors having a strong national defense. Who doesn’t? What he and I don’t favor is a strong national offense – which is what our military is constantly used for (for more on this see Walter Block). I have never written, said, or implied that I don’t believe in taking care of our military. I don’t advocate throwing wounded veterans out in the street. I think the U.S. government is obligated to give the highest care possible to those who took a bullet for Uncle Sam. However, I think the best way to care for our military is to keep it out of foreign wars not by giving it the latest and finest weapons to kill foreigners. I have received the support of so many veterans that I have lost count. Some of them say more radical things about the military than I do.
And John J. O’Sullivan:
This day was set to commemorate the end of a horrid, evil, anti-human war. May we celebrate this day properly by working to truly support our troops — by getting them out of dangerous places where they don’t belong in the first place.

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