Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rich suburbs’ ‘non-discrimination’ ordinance proposals
Everybody’s money’s the same colour. Fairness is good business so the state should butt out.

No expensive political theatre to make the boomers and swipples feel even better about themselves. (That goes for ‘hate crime’ laws too. How you feel is none of the government’s business.) Stick to existing laws, protecting oneself and one’s property, for all.

The so-cons have a point, however poorly articulated. A man pretending to be a woman in a women’s locker room probably isn’t dangerous but the real women have the right not to have that forced on them and certainly the right not to have the state force this person’s (chemically enhanced) game of pretend onto reality (the gay agenda: real tolerance and your other dead-white-male values aren’t good enough for them). Be polite; call people what they want to be called etc., but their freedom ends when it infringes on ours. (This man has the same right to go about his business without being assaulted etc. as I do.) The state’s bad enough but when it takes leave of both common sense and reality itself like this, things are getting really bad. (Reality is why I say sex, something we don’t create and is unchangeable, not gender, which implies something changeable.)

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