Thursday, November 18, 2010

USCCB politics: the seamless garment unravels?
Fire the Bernardin left but here are standard disclaimers: peace issues and charity are also parts of the real seamless garment (war and the death penalty are last resorts); the platforms of left-wing political parties not (not heretical, just wrong). So the answer is still no to warmongers (what Mark Shea calls the rubber-hose right) who happen to be right about abortion and to the well-meaning Catholics who have been co-opted by this issue into the mainstream Republican Party. I didn’t blog anything about this at first because bishops’ conferences have no apostolic authority. From Dr Tighe.

It seems that the Democrats used to be socially conservative (rather like Owen describing the CPUSA) so they were very Catholic (and Jewish) whilst the old mainliners were often Bob Taft/Barry Goldwater real Republicans (I understand my town used to be like that: the people who long ago created the many beautiful buildings; the upper class is now boomer and swipple). Alas. The Dems still own the now mainline RCs and now own the mainline Protestants too (FWIW; as such, politically they don’t matter any more); the GOP are evangelical soldiers (literal and figurative) run by cynical secularists and neocon Jews.

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