Monday, December 27, 2010

Arturo on Christmas
True, there is something quite ridiculous about walking through a mall two days before Christmas at seven in the morning, half the stores already open, while over the loudspeakers is being piped a song with the line, “All I want for Christmas is YOU!” Ain’t that sweet? However, some people who want to put more religiosity back into the holidays are a bunch of stuck-up killjoys who would give the nosy church lady a run for her money. Really, who wants less fun?

There is a certain unreality about religious sentiment if it cannot offer us the true feast. If religion is reduced to a series of obligations without an attachment to real life, I don’t see it having a future.

The idea that one should celebrate a holy day “on one’s spare time” only augments the cognitive dissonance at the heart of modern religiosity.

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