Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Ad Orientem
  • Congress approves new $800 billion in debt. Why don’t we just get it over with and sign the country over to China now?
  • Tax cuts my a$$: There ain’t no such thing as a “tax cut” when you are borrowing money to just to pay the interest on the already existing debt. This is just another loan from the Politburo in Beijing. It is analogous to having to borrow money to keep the lights on in your house, and deciding to give yourself a “raise” by taking out another loan from the bank, or in this case maybe the Mob would be the more accurate analogy.
  • Can Congress force you to be healthy?
  • Opposition to health law is steeped in tradition.
  • Greek Orthodox Church denounces ‘occupation by the IMF’.
  • Met. Hilarion (Alfeyev) according to WikiLeaks. Hilarion lamented that although 70-80 percent of Russians call themselves Orthodox, very few (about 5 percent) attend church regularly, and even fewer “have their life influenced by the Orthodox faith.” “We don’t need to update or modernize services,” Hilarion said, but “we must still overcome cultural and psychological barriers” separating religious and secular life in Russia. In his opinion, the best forum for accomplishing this is education, and he envisioned a comprehensive program that raised awareness without appearing invasive.
  • Right idea; wrong reason. The war in Afghanistan is wrong but I have no use for birtherism and even though it’s in the Constitution I care about principles not where a president was born. Also I’m anti-war but not anti-military. USMC = you signed the motherf*cking contract. Part of the heroism of disobeying unjust orders is taking the punishment, my answer regarding Bradley Manning.

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