Saturday, December 18, 2010

From LRC
  • If you’re in the millennial Facebook generation, this is going to be the standard storyline... The system that’s in place right now – the failed cycle of debt and consumption fed by continuous government intervention – has stuck you with the bill.
  • What’s wrong with It’s a Wonderful Life? Among the things to love about Christmas is that nostalgia is in, including the Protestants forgetting they don’t like us and putting up statues of Jesus and Mary and even singing in Latin. Most of it is from 19th-century Germany via Dickens’ England thanks to Prince Albert but it’s nicer for YFs including ’50s appreciators too. The movie wasn’t a hit in ’46 – it barely broke even – but became an American institution about 35 years ago when, out of copyright, every TV station played it and, as Charley Wingate explained to me, nostalgia became acceptable again. But here are some business lessons. More from Gary North.
  • Lies, lies, lies. The first lie was the biggest whopper of all – that you could get rich by spending money rather than saving it. The second was that the stock market would make you rich. When that one ran into a wall, along came the lie that you couldn’t lose money in real estate...
  • 10 companies that could go under including some recent powerhouses. Makes sense. I don’t watch CBS and haven’t bought anything at Borders in a year. More on Yahoo.
  • Ron Paul: skewer the Fed.
  • A doctor on what to stock up on if society collapses.
  • On buying a used car.

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