Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From LRC
  • “Yes, Obama called Jeffrey Lurie to praise the Eagles for giving Vick a chance. Said too many prisoners never get fair 2d chance.” Wow. Now that took gall. Nothing against Mike Vick – whom I defended against criminal charges – but Obama has the power to free thousands of prisoners for non-crimes and has opted not to do so. People don’t even get a fair trial under his regime. True but I won’t defend cruelty to animals.
  • Obama’s favorite war is in Pakistan.
  • In his Christmas message to Scotland, England, and Wales, Pope Benedict XVI notes that the ancient Hebrews wanted a politico-military messiah to liberate them from foreign occupation. Instead, God sent His Son to liberate – not the people of that time and place in the way they expected – but all people throughout all of history, and not through political or military means, but through His torture-death on the cross. Although necessary for God’s purposes, Jesus Christ’s capital punishment was a political act carried out by the military, to the cheers of those who wanted a killer-messiah.
  • Today’s dispensationalist evangelicals, personified in the Christian Bush and egged on by the cynical, secular neocons, have hijacked the Messiah’s message and turned it upside down.
  • Open Letter to Those Inciting Murder Upon Julian Assange. Quotes Ron Paul.

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