Monday, December 20, 2010

From RR
  • Is charity a virtue? If yes, then are those who are not rich or can’t spend others’ money immoral?
  • Hamiltonian elitism vs Jeffersonian democracy.
  • Does the Constitution mean anything? It has been years since the Constitution has had any meaningful impact on what is done in Washington. True, no one challenges the structural provisions – there are a hundred senators, presidential elections are held every four years, etc. And there are lots of court battles over application of the Bill of Rights, largely because it protects some liberties favored by the Left. But most congressmen pay little, if any, attention to their authority under the Constitution before they pass legislation. And there probably are more unicorns in the wild than executive-branch employees who consult the Constitution before imposing regulations. The real arrogance is the claim that unelected judges are entitled to overturn settled legal understandings and complex political compromises because they prefer a different outcome. Advocates of a “living” Constitution prefer lawmaking by Zeitgeist. Like the difference between an infallible church (doctrine is a constitution without repeal; even the Pope can’t change it) and truth up for a vote.
  • The lazy-jobless myth. Sounds like a valid point from the left with an echo of us. The way things ought to be: First, there’s what psychologists call the Just-World Fallacy – the tendency to believe the world is inherently fair. This delusion is embedded in our pervasive up-by-the-bootstraps, everyone-can-be-a-millionaire catechism. And why not? The idea is that unemployment has nothing to do with structural economic forces or rigged public policies and everything to do with individual motivation. The left’s answer is to change the policies; I think ours is to get rid of them.
  • Our lexicon: coercion.
  • Ruling might force Ireland to rewrite abortion law. Give up sovereignty to the EU and that’s what happens. The Irish law gets it right.
  • CIA gave waterboarders $5-million legal shield.
  • Pulitzer winner: US empire could collapse at any time.

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