Friday, December 31, 2010

From truthout
Lefties, or ‘it isn’t fascism when we do it’
  • The fundy menace. Oh, please. Your man’s in the White House ramping up the wars (he never said otherwise; you voted for him because he sort of looks like Will Smith) and you’re still picking on the ‘not our class, dear’ Other White People? Protestantism left or right doesn’t have a leg to stand on but I think many so-cons are dear people truly betrayed by the evil in the late ’60s who wrongly turned to the government to restore order (which arguably they started doing in the Depression, ramped up by the WWII scare and the Cold War); Republicans have been playing them as chumps for years. And I thought conspiracy theories were something you looked down on them for.
  • The US economy in ’11.
  • And the Tea Party? Shutting down the government again would be great but don’t expect much more than posturing over ObamaCare, says Reich.
  • Dystopia.
  • Is repealing DADT, like the defeated DREAM Act, just a cynical ploy to literally enlist the left? Human cannon fodder disguised as charity.
  • Benedict XV and the Christmas truce.

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