Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Sunday
  • Infallibility and reception.
  • Fisking a Western Rite ROCOR church bulletin. They call it the Divine Liturgy. There are the Asperges and Introit (whole psalm), then a turn east with the Great Litany and Trisagion, the Litany of Supplication after the sermon, the congregation standing for the Anaphora/Canon and the antidoron afterwards. This is not heretical but a rite-mixing mashup just like a Ukrainian Catholic putting statues in his church. I like the Antiochian way which accepts the Tridentine Mass and American Missal.
  • Recently was at the Byzantine Rite ordination of a WRO priest who was the subdeacon at Fr Joiner’s Requiem about 50 years ago.

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