Thursday, December 23, 2010

My changing biz: the great switch is on for 2011
Goodbye, weekly newspapers; hello, daily website. Because literally twice as many people now read our site as buy our papers. The papers will be phased out by this time next year.

Great Caesar’s ghost!

Lyngine writes: So your blog was great training for this shift in format, I imagine.

Yes! When the editor was talking this morning about counting unique visitors etc. I was on familiar ground. I write, upload pictures and videos, and copy and paste code on the job just like I do here.

Filling broadsheet pages with pictures and text is an art form I’ll miss.

When we began in 1930 (I came two years ago from a hundred-year-old paper, shown above mid-century, that shut down) we were a daily and had our own high-rise art-deco office building in the middle of town like a mini-Daily Planet. Now we’re going back to being a daily but no more paper and in a few years, thanks to the ’Net and outsourcing, we won’t need much office space (now we’re in the ’30s ex-production plant on the highway), maybe renting two rooms.

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