Monday, December 27, 2010

The Queen’s Christmas message

FWIW. I was expecting innocuous PCness, in this case rooted in often good old-school English values of good sportsmanship and mens sana in corpore sano (muscular Christianity: make good soldiers for the empire so make sure the boys stay healthy by running them around the field a lot).

I don’t believe in the process that created the KJV – Protestantism, Erastianism and false ecumenism – but like that other project designed to bring most English Christians together to do the King’s will, the BCP, it works (better than the BCP because it’s not tied to heresy) not only because of the project members’ talent and erudition but because despite all their errors, 17th-century Anglicans and Presbyterians still shared a Godward worldview with the Catholic Church, a sort of capital they lived off of until recently. (Until the 1930s all Protestant churches – Unitarians and Mormons aren’t Christians – agreed with Catholicism on today’s culture-wars issues about sex for example.) And like it or not it became the voice of Christianity in English and the Douay Version didn’t. (The full 1611 one has the deuterocanonicals so no problem. Add a Catholic commentary, like from my 1930s Confraternity Bible, and you’re good to go.)

She rather underlines the point that today sport, healthful fun with all the good things she says but the pros are a business that only wants your money, is a substitute religion for many.

Maybe Prince Charles will be crowned Defender of the Sport.

From Andrew Bartus.

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