Saturday, December 18, 2010

Repealing DADT
What do I think? It’s mixed. I’d welcome a partnered gay commander-in-chief as long as he or she obeys the Constitution/is a strict constructionist (is a libertarian). That said the so-cons have a point that it’s another example of the state trying to force unreality on the rest of us – that two men or two women can marry each other, and that it can order you to play along with a man pretending to be a woman etc. – and I wonder how effective a fighting force would be that buys into or is forced to buy into that. (Tell it to the Marines. Would a military that believed in playing those games have won WWII?) As if affirmative-actioning women into front-line units and having to deal with the unintended consequences (accidents, needing five people to do what four able-bodied men could, fraternisation and other affairs, breakups and pregnancies) weren’t bad enough. (Soldiers aren’t the knights defending Christian values the right sometimes make them out to be – hardly – but there’s that added problem of an agenda of unreality.)

Then again leaving it to the discretion of local commanders, a former longstanding custom, makes sense: if you behave and can do the job, no problem, just like in civilian life. A friend who was a destroyer sailor during the Vietnam War said there were gays but in support jobs.

If blackmail is no longer a security threat then no problem.

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