Sunday, December 19, 2010

  • A nice standard NLM story: extreme church makeover, from orthodox but JPII-era naff (looking like back when the charismatics peaked, which was more like 20-30 years ago) to orthodox and Pope Benedict high-church, the Catholic revival in the Roman communion at one parish church. Too bad there’s still versus populum but they’ve come a long way in only seven years. (And you always could do the Mass that way; back in the day of course few did.) More important the new English translation of the Ordinary Form Roman Missal coming out a year from now corrects all the serious problems and even many minor ones with the English-paraphrase OF: ‘for you and for many’ and ‘and with your spirit’ are back and the creed is no longer dumbed down/skating with heresy (‘consubstantial’ not ‘one in being’). Nitpicks: it looks like there’s not enough room between the altar and the rail for ad orientem or using the rail!
  • The reason for the season is our deification.
  • Meister Eckhart quotation from Fr L: If one asketh me, ‘Wherefore do we pray, wherefore fast, wherefore do we perform all manner of good works, wherefore are we baptized, wherefore did God become Man?’ I would answer, ‘For that God might be born in the soul and the soul again in God.’ ...Therefore hath God created the whole world, that God might be born in the soul and the soul again in God. The innermost nature of all corn meaneth wheat, and of all metal, gold, and of all birth: man!
  • Newman on liberalism: It is too cold a principle to prevail with the multitude. As for Evangelical Religion... there was more to cause alarm. I observed upon its organization; but on the other hand it had no intellectual basis; no internal idea, no principle of unity, no theology.
  • Looking east: О кто, кто Николая любит... The real Santa.
  • Owen on a reason I don’t normally read Orthodox sites: head-up-my-show-off-my-pious-ass-odoxy... people who confront others with a piety supposedly framed by the elders (even if inferred via elderspeak), or who simply talk a lot about a piety formed by the elders, are utterly full of sh*t, always, and in every instance. What set this off, ISTM a serviceable rebuttal to a very narrow opinion on the borders of the one true church. (Feeneyism east and west is allowable opinion; nowhere is it doctrine, unlike the actual one-true-church claim.) I see the valid criticism of a possibly naïve and rosy view of race relations but that obviously wasn’t DBH’s point.

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