Monday, January 17, 2011

The abuse of MLK continues
The day seems to have become an occasion for whites to congratulate themselves for doing nice things nothing to do with race relations, making this historical figure (arguably a national hero; I think the counter-argument is his proposed means were unconstitutional) a real-life ‘magical Negro’ projection from the movies. And it’s not just the left; the neocons have drafted him to support their war in Iraq for example.

Speaking of whites’ projections, I got this e-mail:
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force commemorates life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We believe that were he alive today, Dr. King would be standing with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community as we too reach for equality.
Depends. Equality or special treatment, like rewriting the law to force all to pretend two men can marry each other for example? Hardly justice. Like many black clergy and congregations then and now, like those in California who voted down Prop 8 more than two years ago (making some gays react like the Klan) and the COGIC congregation near my church, he might have agreed that homosex is a sin (me: but it’s none of the state’s business) and resented having it lumped together with race.

He well could have been like another ’60s figure misappropriated by white liberals, Pope John XXIII (the real one: step up Latin in seminaries, don’t ordain gays and WO is impossible).

Also, Owen has called this one: the old hard left rightly saw this cause as bourgeois.

Regular readers know my answers: you can be a Steve Sailer race realist (MLK’s real result: opening white society to talented and often upper-class blacks like him with the rest staying behind) and still believe apartheid and other forced segregation is wrong; individual liberty, not forced outcomes/collectivism either way, left or right (neither Bull Connor nor quotas), is justice.

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