Sunday, January 23, 2011

‘Barely a blip on the radar screen in the real world’
Arturo’s understandable dismissal of ‘the whole Latin Mass movement’ reminded me of these points.
  • It’s Not About Latin™.
  • But it’s arguably self-limited because of it. Joe Average Catholic doesn’t want it.
  • Pope Benedict’s needed, long-overdue cleanup of the Ordinary Form in English – high-churching it really, solving all its serious problems – is not that different from an arguably better answer, translating the Extraordinary Form as an option. His new missal reads a lot like the English column on the pages of a ’50s hand missal. Not the art or the centuries of attachment that the BCP and KJV have – the history of Christianity in English but most Catholics then and now aren’t attached to it – but adequate. (Most Catholics are attached to archaic English only in the prayers they have a long history of saying in English: the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be in the Rosary.)
  • If ‘they went back to Latin’ (which the liberals still in charge know scares off most people) a minority would leave, a minority would love it and a good chunk of people would stay and quietly go along, just like 40 years ago and just like now.
  • English the EF and you’d get better results: fewer leavers, more go-alongs and maybe even more who love it.
  • My guess is the improved OF will have similar good results.

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