Saturday, January 22, 2011

Doublethink about Jews
  • Modernism: many promoted it but they did not invent it. Also: after World War II American Jews turned away from the tacit “white ethnic” coalition with Roman Catholics, and aligned themselves with the liberal post-Protestant Eastern Establishment in the incipient culture wars. Arguably much of it is Calvinism gone bad: WASP breakdown, not a ‘Jewish plot’. With ‘the ’60s’ and its accompanying loss of nerve at Vatican II, RCs seem to have split, either joining that establishment or, sound on the essentials of the faith, becoming well-meaning culture warriors being used by the Republican neocons and the Protestant right, their junior varsity or Northeast branch.
  • Sailer I: Extremely ethnocentric Jews like Jeffrey Goldberg (born in Brooklyn, he joined the Israeli Defense Force after graduating from the Ivy League) vastly overestimate how much gentiles pay attention to the Is-he-a-Jew? questions that obsess them. The Establishment media freakout over the last two weeks about the fans of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sarah Palin reveals how many leading figures in the press regard average Americans with atavistic dread and rage as The Other.
  • Sailer II: See, everybody is supposed to at all times know who is Jewish, or you could be an anti-Semite. You are also supposed to not know, because only anti-Semites know that stuff. As I’ve observed about treatment of blacks, it seems only the loony left turned mainstream and the racist right keep track of these things (paying attention to the ethnicity in a workplace for example, down to percentages of who’s what). The answer? That’s right: individual liberty; no collectivism left or right.

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