Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Equal-opportunity meat-grinder
Deadly indentured servitude (but once again I’m not pacifist) marketed as women’s liberation, rather like, I imagine, repealing DADT and the defeated DREAM Act; more human fodder for pointless wars dressed up as gay and immigrant rights. (Recruiting is down and a lot of the traditional target market’s unfit for service.) My take on women in combat is in Brian Mitchell’s Women in the Military: Flirting with Disaster. Heard him speak once and he convinced me. Common sense about the differences between the sexes tells you it’s a bad idea. It now takes five soldiers to do what four could (most women don’t have most men’s muscle), obviously bad in combat along with affirmative-action crashes (fighter pilots pushed through school), women being able to cry their way out of the service, fraternisation/affairs eroding marriages, morale and unit discipline (relationships, breakups, triangles etc. breaking them down), health problems such as pregnancy and the point the left often make as here about hyped-up young men in a war zone raping the most available women. Mitchell, a West Pointer who left the Army over this, said more than 10 years ago the generals and admirals all know it but can’t say so. The military, being the government, is more PC than you think or at least it’s forced to be. I understand the Israelis long didn’t do it because in 1948 a lot of men soldiers were hurt and killed being chivalrous trying to protect the women ones (normal because of women’s high reproductive value). From antiwar.com.

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