Friday, January 28, 2011

Fr L slams nominal Catholicism; Owen on bourgeoisie
Re: Fr L, yes, Vatican II was a disaster and hooray for this Pope for almost admitting it. (But I believe in religious liberty and ecumenism rightly understood and the option of vernacular services.) But, sort of playing devil’s advocate: ‘being Catholic is as much what you are as what you believe and do’. Certainly in a real Catholic culture, which is more how Arturo describes Mexicans than some EWTN-watching devout whites in a Protestant country (the selfish rich with a hobby religion, whom Owen, an orthodox Orthodox and proudly a man of the hard left, would call bourgeois). There are and always have been lots of Bad Catholics, among whom grace works in odd ways.

While I generally agree with Owen and his friends on ethnodox being more real (without falling for SWPL condescension about things ‘vibrant’, like a magic Negro), might his leftist answer to the bourgeoisie be a kind of gnosticism, an elitism, not authentically Christian?

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