Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Fr H
  • On Greek Catholic veneration of postschism born Orthodox saints. Me.
  • It seems the Archdiocese of Liverpool will undo St Pius X’s change and have confirmation before First Communion much like Anglicans. Which of course is fine. They’ll be confirming eight-year-olds so there’ll be no disruption of the century-old Catholic folkway of dressing up and parties for the kids, which is meet and right. (If only they’d taken that respectful conservative approach to the liturgy 40 years ago but that was hijacked by heretics.) The Slavic-American Metropolia/OCA and ACROD Orthodox keep this at least in modified form from their Greek Catholic days, now with the suits/dresses and parties for First Confession. A priest I know grew up at St Theodosius Cathedral in Cleveland (where the wedding in The Deer Hunter was filmed) and had the very European Catholic Solemn First Communion (same as First Confession really) when he was 7. Count all that under good latinisation.
  • Justification again. Rome and the mainstream Lutherans agree rightly it was a nonissue all along. The kicker is infallible vs fallible church.

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