Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From LRC
  • In the same way that there are a few conservatives I admire at times (Pat Buchanan, Charley Reese, Paul Craig Roberts), there are certain liberals I admire at times (Jon Stewart, Gore Vidal, Glenn Greenwald). Here is one admirable liberal, reporter Helen Thomas, who will not apologize for her anti-Israel remarks that got her fired from her job.
  • Angela Keaton on MLK Day: The federal holiday where white liberals congratulate themselves for recognizing the most basic human decency. Granted, judging by MSNBC’s nightly lineup, that could be any day ending in “y.” The typical approach to Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration however is a stinging abrasion to anyone who actually internalized the Rev. King’s later work. Nowhere in the orgy of bland paeans to faux-egalitarianism are there any mentions of “Beyond Vietnam” where King courageously strikes the root, “I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today — my own government.”

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