Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Malware: Whitesmoke
Wasted most of today trying to get rid of it on my work computer with trusty Spybot. I was minding my own business, with Firefox running, when suddenly Acrobat turned on by itself and things went downhill.

Copied from FB:
Hey guys, watch out for any infections, particularly the newest “strain” called Whitesmoke! It will appear as an icon on the taskbar near your clock. If you have this infection shut down IMMEDIATELY and do not attempt to fix it yourself.... GET IT TO A REPAIR SHOP. Even a cleaning with COMBOFIX and MALWAREBYTES will NOT clean the root of the problem. It may inform you where the infection is but can’t remove the registry entries that will allow a speedy reinfection. Unfortunately too many PC repair shops and technicians don’t know how to COMPLETELY remove this infection so be sure that your continue to back up your data in case you are faced with having to “NUKE” your PC and start from scratch!
At least I can get into my old drive (only with Spybot repeating a warning box) and move what I need to the server and then onto a different machine in the newsroom.

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