Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obamamania around three years ago or politics as projection
Facts about Obama’s connections and viewpoints were readily available in the conservative press before his election. The “mainstream” press played see no evil, and voters in general voted for what they wanted to see in Obama, not what he really is. Contrary to the current idea in the liberal press that opposition to Obama is based on racism, actually a lot of people voted for him on the idea that it would be a positive thing to have a president of African ancestry. I wanted to be able to vote for him for that reason. I don’t vote for symbols, however, and the reality of his political philosophy made me oppose him. The electorate in 2008 had a massive case of adolescent puppy love.
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I paid attention to what he said, took him at his word and certainly wouldn’t vote for or against somebody based on race. So when Ron Paul didn’t get the GOP nomination or drafted by the LP, and didn’t run as an independent, I stayed home.

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