Saturday, January 29, 2011

The pain of anonymous parentage

From FB:
Another thing that doesn’t get much press. It makes me so sad, and it seems to come of people feeling absolutely entitled to having a child, like any possession, and damn the consequences.
Rather like how some adoptees feel but worse? (But, I think the argument goes, adoption’s not unnatural.) A consequence of treating children like a commodity... the brave new world of sex without babies (‘because you don’t want that new life; all you want is the thrill of playing at it’ as Peter Kreeft wrote) and babies without sex, something the church condemns. I’ve sometimes wondered if there could be some development of doctrine to finesse aiding conception (which wouldn’t change any of the issues people attack the church for now) but maybe not.

From Jeff Culbreath, who does most of his online writing at WWWW.

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