Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paul Craig Roberts’ brief for animals
Beautiful. Reminds me of the fact I picked up that wolves, and dogs with a lot of wolf in them, are often not aggressive (they’re naturally afraid of us and don’t make good guard dogs)... unless they think you’re prey or think you’re weak and try to fight you to, in their minds, take over the pack. I wonder what the ratio of Born Free-type Christian-the-friendly-lion stories is to Grizzly Man ones (likeable hippyish ex-doper lives among the bears but they eventually eat him). (There are the stories of saints: Francis and the wolf of Gubbio, and Seraphim and a bear.) Good points about sport killing vs conservation/good stewardship that uses what you kill, and of course man’s inhumanity to man. From CounterPunch via Joshua.

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