Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arturo on J23, P6, JP2 and anti-clericalism
“What we need now,” one hears more and more among the Pope’s in-house critics, “is a genuine Italian pope, like John XXIII.” A real Italian, they argue, would know how to handle the present crisis of Catholicism, because of the Italian ability to make adjustments when a battle appears to be lost.
Natural traditionalism vs Paul VI’s French-influenced egghead approach that backfired and what Arturo describes as JP2’s Napoleonic approach, not trad at all but mistaken for it. I don’t know enough to know what Arturo has against the Maritains: they were part of that French approach and undermined the church before V2? Of course Archbishop Lefebvre was very French but arguably his approach to the problem was very different from the Italian one J23 might have taken had he lived long enough.

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