Saturday, February 19, 2011

A backhanded look at the ordinariates
And the differences between British and American Anglo-Catholicism, from essentially an Episcopalian (who’s British): would-be RC/doesn’t necessarily like the old ways vs non-papal and loving the old ways. But the British ones often like the old ways better than the local liberal RCs do, because they’re orthodox and the liberals not, so Pope Benedict’s ordinariate still makes sense. National Parishes With Clout™. An American ordinariate probably will be the AU parishes, mostly down in Texas, plus some of the ACA (one of the small Continuing churches) and a few nice surprises from the Episcopalians like Mount Calvary, Baltimore... small and hard to find in most places like the traditional Latin Mass relatively still is; the English-Welsh one will be a bit bigger because British ACs often were would-be RCs, but smaller than hoped because most of the many gays will stay. (The stayers are the real ACs because an AC thinks Anglicanism’s Catholic.) Liturgy: Ratz is Pope so high (ha) hopes. He’s old but so are the libs; his fans are young. The AU will be reformed upward soon with the rest of the Novus Ordo and maybe Benedict’s Rome will let the ordinariates move up from it to something like Antiochian Western Rite Orthodoxy (which is the Knott – TLM in BCP/KJV English and sometimes in Latin – and American missals – US 1928 BCP meets BCP/KJV-English TLM). British: Novus with style, a kind of Benedict’s reform of the reform, something you could always find in Britain; the Brompton Oratory for example, R² when R² wasn’t cool.

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