Sunday, February 06, 2011

From LRC
  • Bush the younger cancels trip to Switzerland. He was in danger of being arrested for torture and other crimes against humanity, in that freer country.
  • David Stockman on Ronald Reagan: With the passage of time, the mythology only gets amplified – so people need to be reminded about the truth. The Reagan Revolution was a Lincoln Day Dinner speech! It never actually happened in the real world of fiscal policy. And as you might recall, program after program was saved by stalwart conservatives like Jesse Helms, Ed Meese, etc. I don’t hate him like the left then and now – largely because I like the culture he came from, which they hate, so I fondly remember bucking peer pressure to cheer for him in ’80 and cast my first vote ever for him in ’84 (my political history as a libertarian ‘funny Republican’) – but he wasn’t the principled conservative nor the so-con some thought (as California’s governor he freed up abortion on demand). Functionally, arguably, second-term Clinton was better. I don’t give Obama a second thought (couldn’t care less about his race or which country he was born in); like the younger and arguably the elder Bush (like Reagan a gentleman from a better era/culture, the Navy’s youngest pilot in WWII who survived being shot down) a puppet for the malevolent forces really running things. An aside: I think Kennedy and Reagan were America’s most Irish presidents – they had the names and the looks – although thanks to circumstances (his father left his religious training to his mother) Reagan wasn’t a Catholic even in name.
  • There’s much confusion about the purpose of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. Critics who fail to grasp or refuse to acknowledge its purpose find it easy to cast the right to bear arms in a sinister or silly light. It’s about shooting Bambi or a politician who votes the wrong way on HR83901. This headline from today captures the essence of why we need a right to bear arms: 2 dead in Tunisia after police open fire on demonstrators. As you have surely surmised already, the right to bear arms is defensive in nature. Its purpose is to allow the people to defend themselves against the government when the government, as governments frequently have done, engages in mass murder against people who are peacefully exercising their natural rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, religion, petition, or even that glorious right to alter or abolish the government itself.

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