Thursday, February 17, 2011

From LRC
  • Draconian school rules. Obviously meant to stop gangs, random ghetto shootings/stabbings and Columbine-style killings but ridiculous. Like the person not allowed on a plane because of a model of a soldier holding a tiny fake gun. One can hope it’ll start a libertarian backlash. But it probably won’t. Frog in a pot and 9/11 Changed Everything™.
  • For the record, most of the Tea Party quit their principles of liberty on February 14, 2011 – 20 days into the new Congress – when Tea Party leaders abruptly abandoned their opposition to the Patriot Act and voted to extend intrusive domestic surveillance, wire tapping and warrantless searches of American citizens.
  • Ron Paul on deception at the Fed.
  • Video: When FOX News announced Ron Paul’s CPAC victory, it played a recording of Romney-robot booing from 2010 rather than the RP kids cheering to the rooftops in 2011.

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