Friday, February 25, 2011

From LRC
  • It has always seemed racist (I’m using this term in the broadest sense to include focusing on gender, sexual orientation, etc. and not just race) to me when someone informs us that a person belonging to some sociological/biological group has just acquired a position in an institution (or accomplished some feat, for that matter) that was never held by a person in that group before. By drawing attention to this feat, even though it is drawing attention in a positive way, we are inadvertently being asked to judge that person by more than just “the content of his character.” And if the people in that special group are proud of this feat, it shows that they are still thinking in terms of sociological/biological group rather than as individuals. When Barack Obama was elected President, the only thing I saw was just another individual Bankster puppet. (Would Bankster puppets be considered a group? Hmmm.) Like when a lefty, ostensibly for the noble cause of defending minorities’ individual liberty, hounds a company or college demanding to know how many of each race work there.
  • Mr. Huckabee is an ordained minister of the variety who is more interested in feeding Molech than in serving the Prince of Peace.
  • Foreign aid is just bribery: “Now, I don’t like foreign aid any more than the next conservative: Most foreign aid probably is economically wasteful and counterproductive. But the point of foreign aid is not economics; it is geopolitics: It is intended to shape a recipient country’s behavior and, quite literally, buy American influence. And it does just that.”

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