Monday, February 21, 2011

Interesting answer to the nastydox on grace in the RC Church
A Fr Ambrose writes:
The Russian Church has accepted the authenticity of Roman Catholic sacraments per se (not by economia) since at least the early 17th century (Council of Moscow 1667). In other words Roman Catholics receive the true Body and Blood of Christ from the hands of their priests and the Pope of Rome is a true bishop. Moscow accepts the 15th-century Council of the Four Patriarchs (1484) on this matter and Russians canon law forbids the baptism of Catholics. This has not been annulled and it applies today. I can, if you like, post substantiating writings on this point by Archpriest Alexander Lebedeff of the Church Abroad. As the Church Abroad enters into ever deeper communion and unity with Moscow it may need to rethink the positions it has adopted on some issues such as this over the last few decades.
Like what I believe: sacramentally they’re the same church with only one real difference, the scope of the Pope, an inch wide but miles deep.

From here.

Me on the matter being argued.

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