Sunday, February 20, 2011

Michael LaRue on the latest local priest scandal
His point seems to be we need more priests who act like men, answering anti-clerical challenges from Arturo (he’s written a nasty expression in Spanish for a certain kind of clerical culture I won’t repeat here) to Roissy (who goes along with mainstream North American ex-Protestant culture’s view that priests are ‘beta’ losers and/or gay), or reasons many men don’t like church
Are we really respectful and following of the Lord’s will as expressed in the order of creation and redemption? I fear that we are not. We have fallen into a carefully devised trap of the enemy’s making, because we trusted not in the Lord, and in his providence, accepting the gifts he gave us, using them for his glory, but rather have been motivated by fear of them. Fear is indeed the chief weapon of our enemy; we are in bondage to it. Had we accepted the gifts, had we been grateful for them, and allowed ourselves to be led by the Lord in his will for each of us as to how to use them, well none of this would have happened. But because we were afraid, we have rejected and despised his gifts, especially the gifts he has given us as males, and the result has been literally hellish.

In the case of our civilization, the shadow of Jansenism is long, and the lying ideology we call by that name but which long predates Jansen has been a demon in the churches for too long a time. It has left us unable to face ourselves as God created us, left us prey to the unresolved conflicts we wrought upon ourselves, and led some to abuse the weakest, especially the boys upon whom as men the churches will need to depend for our future.
Even if like me you’re more like the egghead/Fr Mulcahy stereotype and less like Fr Joe coaching CYO basketball, true.

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